Saturday, 14 June 2008

German ant collections

Another place visited; another list of ants collected. This time the area covered is a small part of Bavaria, as a result of a visit to the University of Regensburg. This list will develop over the next few weeks, as I have numerous specimens to look at. Once I have identified everthing I will send a full list of the records to the university and to any other interested parties.

It is possible to accurately identify some of the species listed in the field, so not all were actually collected. Some of them were collected by Marion Füßl, who found many species before I did and thus proved to be a very useful person to have around! Others were collected with a group of researchers from the university, who very kindly spent their public holiday showing me around. Yet more were collected by Christiane Wanke over the past few years and passed to me to identify.

Though I was not aiming specifically to collect rare species, the letters in red relate to species the German Red Data List (from: Seifert, 2007).

          quadripuntatus RLD3
          brunneus 1
          vindobonensis RLD2
          lobicornis RLD3
          schencki RLD3
          specioides RLD3
          fugax RLD3
          erraticum RLD3
          corticalis RLD2
          interruptus RLD3
          parvulus RLD3
          saxonicus RLD2
          tuberum RLD2

1 Colony found containing the myrmecophilous woodlouse Platyarthrus hoffmannseggi.

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Jochen Bihn said...

Nice collection for such a short trip. I guess it was a lot of work to organize the necessary permits for the collection of red list species. For that reason I rarely collect on holidays.