Monday, 21 April 2008

French ant collections

This list of ants in my collection was the result of a two week 'holiday' in the Dordogne and Massif Central areas of France. It was the first time I had ever collected ants outside of the UK and forecast the end of 'normal' holidays for me!

More information on the ants of France can be found at Fourmis, the French ant forum.

          gestroi 1
          grandis 2
          megacephala 3

1 Two alate queens, one found in the Salignac-Eyvigues, Dordogne, the other on Causse Noir in the Massif Central. The latter was found in association with C. lateralis. This species is not supposed to occur in mainland France, but after a lot of debate they were eventually confirmed by Cedric Collingwood.
2 A rarely recorded species in France. This collection was from the edge of a woodland near Nant, Massif Central. This has also been confirmed by Cedric Collingwood and matches the morphometrics given in Seifert (1992).
3 An introduced species in France, found alongside P. pallidula on the château walls at Castelnaud, Dordogne.

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You will have a new and beter list here:
from Janine Weulersse and Christophe Galkowsky ( december 2009)
and a key :