Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Emerging invasive ant species

Word is spreading of a newly discovered invasive ant species that looks set to cause havoc worldwide, reports the Applied Journal of Cryptozoology. The recently named Nulverum electrophilum has been found in Wotton-under-Edge, UK, where it appears to be attracted to electrical fields. In such situations it has been known to invade electrical systems, causing extensive damage by chewing wiring and shorting circuits. It has already been responsible for a number of power outages and thousands of pounds worth of economic damage.

N. electrophilum is fast breeding and hard to control. As a result scientists are advising that further sightings are reported, do that the spread of the species can be monitored. Reports made here will be passed on to Dr Anthonid Oudemans, the researcher in charge of this investigation.

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altoban said...

presuming this is not a late april's fool escapade, if this species of ant is so devastating in its affect on electrical installations, why has it only been discovered recently?

Dave said...

LOL! Good one. It's a nice break for us chained to a computer, waiting for ant collecting season.
I see you got altoban.