Sunday, 2 August 2009

Lasius neglectus found in the UK

According to a BBC News report released yesterday the invasive species Lasius neglectus has been found in Gloucestershire in the UK.

For those who are unaware of L. neglectus, it is a relatively newly discovered invasive ant species. It has been marching across Europe and, because it does not seem to be too bothered by cold conditions, a number of myrmecologists have been predicting that it will become or was already established in the UK, making it the first non-native ant that could survive away from heated buildings. The question was how long it would take for its presence to be realised, as it looks very similar to the common black garden ant Lasius niger.

More information on the identification, biology and status of L. neglectus.


Eva Lai said...

I feel so lonely without the experts. My expert, Dr Sally Caldwell, is ill. If only she wasn't ill, she could be calling me every week until Christmas from the USA. That's not to do with ants, by the way. But raaaggghhh academic study is important!!! Apparently I have very high levels of dehydroepiandrosterone (resilience hormone) which is good, I am trying to offer my blood to the experts... how do I get it out? You could come and lecture me on the importance of studying ants, that'd make me feel less lonely, even though I seem to be preoccupied with the sociology and corporate management science

Monica said...

Look for Laboulbenia formicarum on this ant! :)