Tuesday, 25 March 2008


Before I disappeared for Easter I visited the London Natural History Museum to compare my some of my Gambian specimens with ant specimens in their collection. As a result, I have a few changes to make, but need to do a bit more work before I make them. Until I change the posts, this will hopefully caution against relying on previous posts.

I had misidentified the following species:
I had correctly identified these species:
These species are perhaps open to debate, as I couldn't conclusively establish whether they were the same species or different:
  • Camponotus rufoglaucus controversus - slight differences in setae and pubescence but the specimens checked were not types and were majors only.
  • Camponotus olivieri lemma and delagoensis - I couldn't check these subspecies.
  • Crematogaster impressa - the specimens present were collected by Donisthorpe and did not appear to be the same as mine or each other. Chances are this species and C. excisa will not be resolved until the taxonomy is revised.

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